Laser and Implant Treatment


Laser and Implant Treatment


Laser Teeth Whitening.

Laser teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular teeth whitening treatment today as it is
said to be the easiest and fastest way of achieving whiter teeth. We offers laser teeth whitening at a
very reasonable cost.

With laser treatment you wouldn´t have to wait for long to see its result. Laser treatment works best
for people who have stained teeth due to frequent drinking of coffee and tea and for those who
acquired their yellowish teeth through smoking. Laser treatment may have been regarded as the
best method to whiten your teeth quickly and safely.

We use patented products and follow the procedures that are common in USA and Europe, thus
ensuring the best services to our esteemed customers. Come to us and get your smile back with
sparkling white teeth.

We offer home teeth whitening solutions as well as professional teeth whitening treatments.
Sometimes a combination of both the systems becomes necessary and we do it to bring you the best
result. Most importantly, our teeth whitening systems are unique in India as we use products that
are the most recent inventions and creating

Home Teeth Whitening

We supply home teeth-whitening kits and custom-made trays to help you get a set of teeth that
remain sparkling white for a longer duration. A teeth whitening procedure is based on a bleaching
process that uses peroxide and other chemicals. These compounds may cause damage to the gum
tissue surrounding your teeth and also to your lips if they are not applied under the supervision of a
well-experienced dentist.

Professional Teeth Whitening.

Along with home teeth whitening systems we offer solutions for professional teeth whitening
treatments for instant results. Most professional teeth whitening systems are based on laser
technology that uses a light, combined with the peroxide bleaching gel, to give a faster result. Some
branded products that are based on this technology include Zoom and BriteSmile.

Laser Teeth Whitening – How does it work?

How does laser teeth whitening whiten your teeth? It is a very simple process. A bleaching gel will
be applied to your teeth by the dentist. The dentist cleans your teeth to remove any plaque before
the gel is applied.After the bleaching gel is applied, the dentist will use a laser to activate the gel.
When you opt for laser treatments, your teeth will be noticeably whiter and brighter. Some side
effects are associated with laser teeth whitening. The most common side effect is some patients
may develop sensitivity to hot and cold liquids. After first 24 hours this sensitivity will go away

This is a perfectly safe procedure and patient does not have the inconvenience of wearing messy
bleaching tray at home. The method is without discomfort or irritation. The whitening effect can last
for years without the necessity of having to repeat the treatment provided a few simple initial
precautions are followed and good mouth hygiene is maintained.
Whiter teeth with a shining smile are now possible for everyone.


• Discoloration caused by extrinsic factors like consumption of tea, coffee, colas, tobacco,
• Discoloration due to aging.
• Teeth that have darkened in shades of yellow, orange, light brown respond better to
• Discoloration due to fluorosis and tetracycline can be lightened to some extent.

Advantages :

• Simple procedure
• Improves overall aesthetics
• Non-invasive and safe
• Relatively inexpensive.

Instructions to Patients :

• Minor sensitivity to cold is to be expected.
• No smoking or chewing tobacco during and preferably after treatment

What do you need to do after treatment?

There are some steps that you will need to take to keep your teeth white for longer after your laser
teeth whitening procedure. You will need to make sure that you eat or drink less of anything that
can stain your teeth.

For example, you may want to drink white wine instead of red wine and grapefruit juice instead of
cranberry juice. Dark colored foods and drinks can discolor your newly whitened teeth faster.
Smoking and chewing tobacco can also cause your teeth to look yellow after you have had them

The solutions we offer in the domain of professional teeth whitening treatments are at par with the
international standard. We aim at providing a quicker and safer tooth whitening treatment at the
most reasonable cost.